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What is intervention and how it can be used to help a Lorazepam addict.


What If Trying an Intervention Makes Things Worse?

Interventions can be a powerful encouragement tool, but sometimes they just don’t work. Since the decision to get sober from drugs like lorazepam is personal, even the best intentions of family and friends may not be enough at first. An Intervention’s Purpose An intervention gathers together the most significant people in a person’s life to […]

Answers to Frequently Asked Intervention Questions

A formal intervention may seem like overkill, but this gathering of supportive people is a lifeline for someone trapped by an addiction to a prescription drug like lorazepam. Addiction and Interventions It’s hard to know what to expect from an intervention. The 60s-era concept has its share of critics, but research studies back up the […]

Lorazepam Intervention

Lorazepam is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety and depression. When it is misused, a physical and psychological addiction to the drug may easily develop. Addiction occurs when a person continues using the drug as though compelled, even though there is no medical reason to continue. Addiction to lorazepam can have hazardous long-term consequences […]