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Recovering from Lorazepam addiction.


Giving Back: Why Giving Is a Great Way to Receive

Volunteering is great for the community and individuals it serves, but it also turns out to serve those who do the serving. Giving one’s time, money, expertise and energy yields many benefits, such as better mental and physical health along with a sense of purpose. Such work also creates healthy support as people recover from […]

5 Tips for Climbing the Hill to Recovery

You know the grass is greener on the other side of addiction, but climbing the hill to recovery can seem daunting. It doesn’t need to. Recovery is a journey that does take work and effort, but with guidance and support, you can find a rewarding and sober life. Have Hope You can climb the hill […]

Why You Should Be Involved in Your Rehab’s Alumni Program

Recovery isn’t over once treatment ends. Addiction is a long-term disease that requires long-term support and care, and this is the reason longer stays in rehab are recommended and why the importance of aftercare is emphasized.[1] shares that recovery takes time and explains, “Recovery is not fully stabilized (point at which future risk of […]

How Unsupportive Friends Can Cause Relapse

Study after study shows the importance of healthy friendships and the influence of peers on long-term recovery. Strategies for avoiding relapse include consistently include going to support groups and avoiding peers who still use or who do not encourage recovery and a healthy lifestyle. There is a reason so much emphasis is placed on the […]

How to Work on Your Recovery at a Large College

College provides a unique opportunity for finding or developing recovery. This seems at odds with conceptions of college as a time for partying and a place with easy access to drugs and alcohol. These features of college can be true and can challenge those who have struggled or are struggling with addiction, but when you […]

Psychological Effects of the Season on Your Recovery

The cold, dark months of winter can be difficult for many people especially those in recovery. Inclement weather can limit activities and keep people indoors, which is sometimes a recipe for isolation. Heading out to a meeting on a dreary night, or forgoing the snooze alarm in favor of an early-morning workout seem like impossible […]

How Do I Give Up Smoking in Recovery?

Addictions rarely come in a single pack. Most individuals who struggle with substance abuse also lean on other crutches. In fact, the American Lung Association reports that 85% of people recovering from drugs and alcohol also smoke, compared with 21% of the general public. Moreover, when viewed in comparison to smokers who are not in […]

Finding Personal Role Models In Recovery

The people who surround you often influence your addiction and recovery in powerful ways. Sometimes that is a good thing, like when support from family and friends keeps you afloat during tumultuous days of early sobriety. In contrast negative influences can drag you down. If you are not careful, former using friends can easily tempt […]

Is It Possible to Get Insurance Coverage If I’m Already in Recovery?

In previous years getting insurance coverage for addiction recovery if you had already completed a drug treatment program was a doubly difficult problem. You had to battle with insurance companies who wanted to claim that your addiction to drugs like lorazepam was a preexisting condition and therefore would not be covered under its range of […]

Can a Learning Disorder Impair Addiction Recovery?

The struggle of living with a learning disorder increases the risk of developing an addiction. Treating addiction along with a learning disorder requires modifications, but there are many successful options. Defining Learning Disorders A learning disorder affects the way a person’s brain uses information. A person may have trouble receiving, processing, storing, responding to or […]