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Rehab & Treatment

The role of rehab and clinical treatment in overcoming Lorazepam addiction.


Am I Depressed?

By Patti Richards It’s a bright sunny morning, but you can’t see anything but clouds. You try to get out of bed, but your legs feel heavy and taking even one step is exhausting. You hear your family laughing, but the distance between your room and the kitchen seems like a thousand miles. If you […]

Learning to Trust the Method in Treatment

Trust is an essential component of any relationship; when it comes to addiction treatment, it is vital to commit to the care that professionals plan. In fact, Penn State’s Center for Economic and Community Development explains that a lack of trust means individuals are less likely to participate or engage in a relationship, program or […]

Will I Succeed in Rehab if I’m Antisocial?

The best rehab programs are warm, welcoming and understanding of the fears, the personal history and the future hopes you bring with you. They will help you succeed in recovery, and they will never do so in a coercive or aggressively confrontational manner. Addiction recovery does require work and asks you to face personal challenges, […]

Does There Need to Be an Emergency to Get Me into Rehab?

Now is the best time to begin treatment for substance abuse, as there is never a good reason to wait. If you put off rehab, then you will probably experience serious consequences or even emergencies before getting help or being legally required to do so. On the other hand, if you take action early in […]

An Overview of Addiction Treatment Credentials and What They Mean

When you feel overwhelmed by your or a loved one’s addiction, you may be tempted to choose the closest, cheapest or first available treatment option. In fact, there are so many options for recovery that making any other decision can seem like too much work. However, there is nothing more important than your health and […]

3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Rehab

Preparing for rehab is not a complex or intricate practice: you need to know what to expect as you begin your journey to recovery, but you do not have to make deep changes all on your own. In fact, to try and break an addiction with help is not only difficult, but also dangerous. In […]

Reviewing CBT

As addiction becomes more widely acknowledged and understood, its treatment options become more accessible, varied and effective. One of the longest used, most proven therapies for both addiction and mental health recovery is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as it uses a variety of personalized techniques so patients can understand the thoughts and behaviors underlying substance use […]

How to Get Your Child into Rehab

When your child is addicted, you want to help. The first step in getting your child into rehab is getting professional help, and the first help you seek should be for yourself not your child. You are not an addiction professional, and you cannot cure your child on your own, no matter how much you’d […]

A Snapshot of Rehab

If you are struggling with an addiction to a prescription drug like lorazepam and considering seeking help, you may have questions about what rehab will be like for you. There is no way to take a single snapshot that encompasses the entire picture of rehab. The recovery process is too individualized, adaptive and comprehensive to […]

Using Rehab as a Chance to Recharge

Rehab is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to think for yourself once again, for your body and mind to heal, for your family to heal. It is an opportunity to take back and reshape your life and to make your new, drug-free life even better than life before addiction. Rehab does so much more […]