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Frequently Asked Questions about lorazepam abuse and addiction.


How Does Alcohol Abuse Damage the Body?

Alcohol, prescription drugs like lorazepam and recreational drugs are all known to harm the body, and while some of the damage these commonly misused substances do is universal, other damage is specific to the substance involved. Alcohol is a drug that creates long and short-term damage as it moves through the body. While intoxication is […]

Will I Succeed in Rehab if I’m Antisocial?

The best rehab programs are warm, welcoming and understanding of the fears, the personal history and the future hopes you bring with you. They will help you succeed in recovery, and they will never do so in a coercive or aggressively confrontational manner. Addiction recovery does require work and asks you to face personal challenges, […]

How Do I Know If I Have a Real Addiction?

While we would like to think that we can talk with a doctor, get a prescription, take a pill and then be fine, health rarely comes in this straightforward fashion. Despite knowing there is no “quick fix” for any mental health issue, the desire for an easy answer has made prescription benzodiazepines widely popular. As […]

How Can Outpatient Treatment Benefit Me?

If you really want to get sober, any treatment program can be beneficial. By reaching out for help, you automatically connect to a recovery community and resources. However, targeted therapy programs do offer special perks. Outpatient Rehab: A Far Cry from Rehab Lite Outpatient programs are designed for people who want to continue to live […]

How Can I Cope with Pain If I Have a History of Painkiller Abuse?

Chronic pain severely impacts a person’s quality of life, so it’s important to find effective, long-term ways to treat pain. While many physicians prescribe painkillers including opioid drugs, there is serious debate in the medical community about the need to prescribe such drugs especially to people who struggle with addiction. Managing Pain Without Addictive Drugs […]

Do Certain Times of Year Increase the Number of Medications Prescribed?

Shocking new statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the number of fatalities due to prescription drug abuse has more than tripled. Their latest report reveals that the rate of people from one commonly abused class of prescription pills, painkillers, has risen steadily from 1.4 percent in 1999 to 5.1 […]

Can Coping Mechanisms Help Reduce Dependence on Lorazepam?

Dependence, addiction and mental health are closely related. When one is in play, the other two are often present as well. Everyday Health explains, “nearly one in three people with depression have a substance abuse disorder, such as drugs or alcohol,” and the statistics are similar for those with anxiety and other mental health issues. […]

Are There Pregnancy Risks When Taking Lorazepam?

Lorazepam is a benzodiazepine prescribed for anxiety, depression and insomnia. It can manage anxiety and induce sleep when worries become overwhelming, but, as Medical News Today explains, it is “a very high-potent drug with sedative, anxiolytic, and muscle relaxation properties. It is prescribed for the short-term management of severe anxiety.” Lorazepam is not intended for […]

What If Insurance Doesn’t Cover All the Treatment I Need?

Little is worth more than your health, so, while it may be tempting to skip treatment because your insurance won’t cover it, it pays to commit to quality. In recovery, half measures often deliver half results, so the best way to recover from a problem is to give 100 percent to your recovery—even if your […]

Is It Worth Paying Out-of-Pocket Costs for Rehab?

If you are one of the fortunate individuals who has full health insurance, odds are high that you will not have to pay for the entire cost of your addiction treatment. Although substance-use disorders were once treated differently than other illnesses and covered at a lower rate—if at all—today the insurance community recognizes this practice […]