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Topics of special interest to those concerned with Lorazepam abuse.


How Does HIPAA Protect My Personal Health Information?

HIPAA is short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This complex phrase masks a law that is all important when it comes to your privacy and your personal health information. While many know it limits who can see health information, few know just what medical records are protected, how they are […]

Do Certain Times of Year Increase the Number of Medications Prescribed?

Shocking new statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the number of fatalities due to prescription drug abuse has more than tripled. Their latest report reveals that the rate of people from one commonly abused class of prescription pills, painkillers, has risen steadily from 1.4 percent in 1999 to 5.1 […]

Does Insurance Cover Addiction to Any Prescription Drug?

Seventy-five percent of people who need mental-health care, such as treatment for lorazepam addictions, never receive it. According to statistics put out by the United States Department of Health & Human Services, less that one percent of the total population of people with an addiction receive professional help. Indeed the White House Office of National […]

3 Ways Drug Treatment Therapy Is Based on Science

Years ago people mistakenly assumed that users lack moral principles. Many individuals thought that willpower alone was a cure and that addicts could stop using if they wanted to. Thankfully scientific advances have dispelled many of those myths leading to a wider societal shift in opinion. Although some people still stigmatize addicts and feel that […]

How to Deal with Unavoidable Conflicts While Staying Sober

Conflict is not always avoidable, but there are solutions that can diffuse a fight in the short term and improve relationships over the long-term. Reasons People in Recovery Experience Conflict When a person with a past addiction to drugs like lorazepam begins living in recovery, it’s a time of happiness for everyone involved—family and friends. […]

Doctor or Dealer: Where Do Most Drugs Come From?

Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions. Prescription medications are the second-most abused category of drugs, second only to marijuana. Many people believe prescriptions to be safer than street drugs, and prescribed substances are often the first psychoactive drugs new recreational users try. The Source of Prescription Drugs Used Non-Medically Understanding the source of prescription […]

What Rehab Insurance Options Are Available for Low-Income Patients?

A new mix of federal subsidies and tax credits make addiction treatments for drugs like lorazepam more affordable than ever opening up options for low-income patients who need help. Health Insurance and Addiction Treatment Addiction is a brain disease affecting people of all incomes. For a patient with limited financial resources, addiction is an added […]

How Different Cultures View Addiction and Recovery

Different ethnic groups understand addiction and recovery from within the context of cultural values. Opinions about alcohol consumption provide one example of this truth. In some cultures drinking is a forbidden and immoral behavior. In contrast Western society embraces alcohol as an acceptable social drink. A wide range of outlooks exists between conservative and liberal […]

Are There Any International Efforts to Fight Addiction?

Drug abuse and addiction to drugs like lorazepam are global problems. In their 2012 World Drug Report, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) stated that about five percent of the world’s adult population used an illicit drug in 2010 and that there are an estimated 27 million problem drug users worldwide. The […]

How to Secure Your Prescription Drugs to Prevent Misuse

Prescription drug abuse is a national epidemic, making it especially important to keep prescribed drugs like lorazepam in a secure location of the home. Dangers of Prescription Drugs Many prescription drugs, especially painkillers, are addictive and lead to serious complications such as overdose and death. In fact prescription drugs misuse is second only to marijuana […]